Manufacture Peptide Hormone IGF-1 des

IGF-1 DES is a peptide, analogue of insulin-like growth factor 1 available as a drug.

This protein is considered as a high quality agent useful to researching purposes and it has been used in studies on cell growth, IGF receptors and IGF binding proteins.


How does it work?


IGF-1 DES differs from IGF1 in the quantity of amino acid that composes it. Its chain of only 67 amino acid (three of them were cleaved off) potentiates its effects on the human body. IGF-1 DES is reported to be more active biologically, which contributes to cellular growth and the development of tissues along the body including muscle, tendon and neurological building effects.




IGF-1 DES can be used multiple times in a day at a dose of 50-150 mcg. To accomplish effective results, it should be taken into consistent doses to stimulate their growth.

IGF-1 DES should be administered with property at regulated doses, its effectiveness depends less on the large quantities supplied and more on the favorable reaction of each individual to this peptide.